My Story & Information

I am a local art & artist teacher in Boulder, Co. My artwork is highly influenced by my students and the light heartedness of childhood! My work is whimsical, colorful, humorous, funky, playful, wild, dreamy, off-the-wall creative expressions of the many different feelings I experience on any given day. It is a constant quest in my art to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. I start with my trusty sketchbook, which captures whatever amusing ideas that cross my brain. I think of them as Urban Folk Art. The name is derived partly from the many years I spent in Nova Scotia collecting folk art. I love the bright colors and simplicity of this style of art and wanted to incorporate it into my own style. I also have a great love of illustration which is a big part of this series and I find the contrast between black/white and color to be a very powerful visual force! In addition, I enjoy pop culture, animals, movies, and music and often let them influence my work!

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JennshepART is also on: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Exhibitions for JennShepART:

-2010 JennShepART was created (
-2011 & JennShepART(Etsy site) created
-2011 Coffee Shop Exhibitions (The Laughing Goat. Amante, Ozo, etc) Boulder, Co
-2012 Boulder RAW Artist Exhibition, Boulder, CO
-2012/2013 FireFly Handmade Market, Boulder, Co
-2012 Feature in Boulder Magazine
-2013 Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery Exhibition Boulder, Co
– 2013 Feature in Boulder Magazine
-2013 Adorn (In house artist) Longmont, Co
-2015/2016 Curating The Cool (In house artist) Lafayette, CO
-2017/2018 LeftHand Brewery (In house artist) Longmont, CO
-2018 Vindication Brewery (in house artist SOLD OUT) Boulder, Co. -2018 Artsticks (featured artist) Boulder, Co. -2018 1340 ART Magazine featured artist


-2019 Still Cellars & Art House (Featured artist) Longmont,Co

-2019 Leftapalooza Artisan Market (Featured Artist) Longmont,Co.

-2019 Solo Salon Longmont, Co

-2019 Boulder Farmers Artisan Market

-2019 Magic Fairy Candle Art Night Longmont. Co

-2019 Art Night Out Lafayette, Co

–2019 St. Vrain Cidery (In house artist) Longmont, Co

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